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Car battery replacement service in Edmonton, AB

Modern-day cars come with many electronics, from driver aids such as traction control and driving modes to navigation systems. The increasing complexity of the electronics systems in vehicles makes the reliability of their power sources even more important. This article examines the essentials you must know about your car’s battery.


Car battery size, cost, specifications and current state are the essential factors determining if your car needs a battery replacement. Choosing the right battery for your vehicle can be challenging if you need help figuring out what to look for. Hence, as a consumer, your awareness of what to look for when choosing a car battery is vital in helping you get the best bank for your buck. This article will explain whether you need to replace your car battery.

Let’s begin with choosing from the three basic yet essential car battery services available to customers today.

Battery Diagnostic Services – Periodic testing and maintenance of your car battery make it easy to understand the reliability of your car battery. Hence regular battery check-ups by a professional service can help prevent battery failures and costly breakdowns while driving. The ideal battery diagnostics services provider is familiar with the variety of car batteries offered in standard models, such as lead acid, nickel hydride, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They also visit the customer at their home to provide doorstep services that align well with the customer’s schedule.


Battery Replacement:  Ideally, battery diagnostics and replacement go hand-in-hand. However, your service provider’s awareness of what battery model your car has and the enhancements available play a vital role in helping you with replacement. Such services have a frictionless online booking facility that allows you to finalize a time and date to replace your car battery should you encounter any problems. Whether you have a commuter or an expensive high-performance car, there are many choices regarding battery model and type. A good battery replacement service provider will always help you make the right choice!


Battery Testing Services: Battery testing isn’t the same as battery diagnostics. With diagnostics, a battery technician will look for issues with your car battery and the wiring system. But battery testing is done to ensure that your car battery can deliver the minimum continuous voltage (of 12-14v) standard in a car battery. In the case of lithium-ion batteries, the test protocols reveal if there are individual dead cells in your car battery stack and how many of them are present.  

How much does a Car Battery Replacement cost?

Typically, car battery replacement cost ranges between $300-$400, including installation cost. The price varies on the size of the battery – commonly the larger the engine, the larger and more expensive the battery. German vehicles commonly have larger batteries or batteries installed under the seat and the cost can go up to $600. Truck batteries are generally more expensive as well. Call us today and we will send a fully certified technician to replace your battery at your home. 

Is it Time for a Car Battery Replacement?

Car batteries deteriorate over time, and the three factors that determine the life of a car battery are heat, age and the level of vibrations it experiences. Here are some tell-tale signs of a weak battery


Problems with Starting the Engine: If your car doesn’t crank up every time you hit the starter, you are dealing with a discharged or dead battery. As the battery components age, their ability to retain charge from the alternator vastly reduces. A weak-sounding self-starter often means you must replace your battery as soon as possible or risk a breakdown due to battery failure.


Lighting Issues: Dim headlights and indicators are another great way to notice if car batteries require car replacement services. Although most cars today have warning lights on the dashboard, dim lights are the signs of a dying batter that requires a quick replacement.  


Malfunctions in Electronics: Power windows, locks, instrument cluster screens and a smartphone charger are the most commonly available car electronics. A noticeable drop in the performance of these electronic devices is usually a weak battery waiting to give you a bad day in the form of an unforeseen breakdown of your electrical system. 


Low Cold Weather Performance: Cold weather and batteries aren’t a good combination. If you live in a region that sees ample snowfall in a year, your car battery requires regular maintenance at your local auto shop. Cold weather tends to slow down a battery’s chemical reactions and reduce its inner components’ performance. Frequent morning discharges are a common sign of a weak battery during the year’s colder months.


Corrosion: The next time you look at your car battery, it requires attention if it shows discoloration or deterioration. Structurally damaged car batteries are unsafe. If many areas on the battery look degraded due to chemical spills and weather-driven corrosion, an immediate battery replacement is due.


Regular battery checks, maintenance and replacement are essential for a flawless drive. Reach out to us at instant car repair in Edmonton for a detailed evaluation of your car battery.

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