Fluid leakage in cars and how to identify them?

Are you seeing oil leaking from the top of your engine? Or are you smelling burning oil? The most likely cause is damage to the valve cover gasket. The first thing you should do is check your oil as you may have been losing oil for a while and it is […]

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Car maintenance tips: 14 things to look out for

Routine maintenance is the most cost-effective approach to keep a vehicle on the road for years to come. You commonly do not need to replace tires, brakes and other components immediately when they begin to fail. If you maintain a vehicle according to the guidelines below, you can expect the […]

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When to Replace Car Spark Plug

Everything you need to know about Spark Plugs What do Spark Plugs do? An engine is probably the most important component of a vehicle. It’s task is to power up from the source of energy and to get the car moving. For this, an internal combustion is required in order […]

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Experts Suggested 6 Signs of Failing/ Bad Alternator

Diagnose your car’s faulty Alternator Call Us! 604-330-3447 What’s an alternator? You must’ve heard someone say that the battery is down when you’re unable to start a car. But have you ever wondered what keeps it charged in the first place? It’s the alternator.    An alternator is the part […]

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Car Smoke – Do’s and Dont’s

Smoke can come from the front or back of the vehicle, and it’s bad in either situation. However, the tailpipe will certainly send-up tinted smoke in an attempt to inform you what the trouble is. Here is your secret decoder ring: If the exhaust smoke is black: Black exhaust does […]

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