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Headlights are some of the most important lights found on road-going vehicles. They provide the illumination that helps the driver both see, and be seen when driving on the road. 

The major reason why headlights are so important is because they allow other drivers to see what is happening on the road. This allows for other drivers to react quickly in order for there to not be a crash. Headlights are also important for other drivers to see the vehicle that the driver is driving, because they allow for each driver to maintain a proper distance away from the vehicle they are driving so that a crash does not occur. 

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When a car’s headlights are working properly, there is a clear distinction between oncoming and off-coming traffic because both are illuminated and seen. Another key thing about headlights is that they conserve energy. If a car’s headlights are not working properly, then this can drain the car’s battery, leaving the driver at risk. The driver might have to replace their battery, which can be an expensive process. In order for the driver to ensure that their car’s headlights are working properly, they should check them at least every six months.

One common issue with headlights is that they are not bright enough. There are two types of bulbs that can go in a car’s headlight assembly: filament and fluorescent. 

  • Filament bulbs produce a bright, but short-lived, light. These bulbs tend to burn out often because they are made of extremely thin wires that can easily be damaged. The thinner the wires are, the more likely it is that the bulb will be damaged. Filament bulbs are typically replaced with brighter bulbs that use a different kind of lighting technology. These bulbs are more efficient and produce a longer lasting, albeit dimmer, light.Filament bulbs are not the only type that can go in a headlight assembly, though. 
  • Fluorescent bulbs work by using ultraviolet light to excite a fluorescent material that emits light when it is electrified. These bulbs are typically more expensive than their filament bulb counterparts, but they are expected to last much longer. A driver can replace their headlight assembly with either type of bulb to increase the brightness of the lighting. Although headlight technology has come a long way, these types of bulbs still improve lighting technology because they are more energy efficient.

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Faulty headlight replacement

Lights are an important part of car safety, but sometimes the technology can fail. When a car’s headlight begins to dim, flicker, or go out completely, it is time to replace the light. A standard light bulb should produce a steady light that is not affected by the weather or temperature. The replacement process can be simple or expensive, and it is important to know which type of bulb to use in the replacement.

A standard incandescent light bulb is an older type of bulb that uses a tungsten filament to produce light. These types of bulbs are cheap to make, but they have a short life span and produce light that can only be seen by a small area. For this reason, a car’s light should have a backup light that projects a wide area of light for the driver to see. A clear filament bulb should be used in place of a backup light because it is less likely to be damaged in an accident.

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