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Facts to Know about Car A/C Maintenance & Repair

Your car’s air conditioner is a large machine and needs regular servicing to work at its best. 

You need to find an automotive technician who can service your car on a regular basis. 

How Car’s Air Conditioner Works?

A car’s air conditioner works by pumping chilled refrigerant through coils that sit underneath your car’s dashboard. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the coils, before turning into a gas that pushes air out of the system and out through the vents. A system of coolant and refrigerant pipes inside the vehicle must be kept at a precise temperature to maintain the refrigerant’s flow through the system.

Getting a car air conditioner fixed before it gets too hot could save you money on fuel and repair costs. Taking your car to a reliable garage early can also prevent your car from being damaged by unsafe car mechanics. 

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To fix your air conditioner, you’ll need to know your system first:

  • There are two types of air conditioners. One type has an outdoor unit and the other has an indoor unit. 
  • To find out if your car has a unit with outdoor or indoor coil, look on the side of the car at the front wheel. If you see an air conditioner or A/C, your car has an outdoor unit. 
  • If you don’t see an air conditioner or A/C, your car has an indoor unit. 
  • In most cases, outdoor units are cheaper to repair. However, they work on a higher principle. 
  • Indoor units work on lower principles and cost less to repair. Which type of unit your vehicle has will help you decide if it’s better to repair or replace your car A/C.

Your air conditioner has a refrigerant system that transfers heat from the refrigerant to the air being sent through the unit. When the system leaks, refrigerant evaporates into the atmosphere. This is bad because the refrigerant is highly toxic. A small amount of the toxic refrigerant can damage your car’s engine and bring it to a halt. Your air conditioner has an outdoor or an indoor unit. If you have an outdoor unit, your car has an evaporator and a compressor. If you have an indoor unit, your car has an evaporator only. 

To repair your car’s A/C system, you need to replace the components that are damaged. 

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The most common parts that break on air conditioners are the condenser and the evaporator.These parts can be bought at any parts store. They are used as a part of the system that transfers heat from the refrigerant to the air. The refrigerant is a mixture of gases that make up your air conditioner’s compressor. You need to buy the right kind of refrigerant that can be used in your system. The refrigerant must be compatible with your car’s system so you don’t risk damaging your vehicle’s system. If you use the wrong kind of refrigerant, your vehicle’s system could be damaged, or even destroyed. To be on the safe side, buy the type of refrigerant that is normally used by mechanics or gas stations. The refrigerant is sold by the gallon at most automotive stores. If you’re not sure about the refrigerant that you need, ask a professional or your local gas station for help. 

Your car’s air conditioner is a complex machine and sometimes things can go wrong with it. You need to find someone who can look after it for you. You need someone who can check the refrigerant levels, the charging system and the compressor. These professionals can be found at automotive stores or repair shops. They are also called HVAC technicians or just techies. 

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