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Vehicle Towing and Recovery service in Edmonton, AB

Need a Tow? Give us a Call.

At Instant Car Repair Edmonton, we are committed to offering our customers comprehensive car service and repair services. Hence we also provide timely towing services since they are as essential as our periodic care maintenance services. Many car repair service providers do not include towing services in their service portfolio. We consider this necessary because a vehicle breakdown often occurs without any prior warning, and being stranded without help can ruin your day.

Our Car Recovery Services

Vehicle Recovery Service:  We offer vehicle recovery services for almost all vehicles, large or small. We help you recover your SUV, car, or truck from breakdown spots, accident zones and hard-to-access roads on demand. Upon receiving a call, we dispatch our crew comprising of technicians within five minutes to ensure quick and reliable service delivery for all our customers. We operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week to provide maximum coverage time for our customers.

Flatbed Towing: Driving mishaps are inevitable. An accident can leave you stranded miles away from your home. Our flatbed towing service will ensure that your vehicle is effectively recovered to a location of your choice safely. Flatbed trucks, by design, are more efficient and capable of transporting larger cars and automotive components from an accident site. We specialize in long-distance towing and offer you unprecedented confidence in the integrity of our services. 

Flat Tire Change: A wheel technician with tools in hand can look like a guardian angel, especially if you have been caught off-guard by a flat tire. A phone call is all it takes to have one of our technicians trained to cover all tire-related issues come to rescue you. We provide quick response times with our tire-changing services and adequate services to our customers based on their current needs.

Heavy Duty Towing: Our heavy-duty towing services comprise a fleet of heavy towing trucks, a team of trained and experienced heavy towing operators and a call dispatch system. Whether transporting goods and equipment or needing recovery services, we provide timely heavy towing services at highly competitive rates. We provide insured heavy-duty towing services for our customers with excellent customer service, a coveted combination guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Roadside Assistance: Instant Car Repair Edmonton’s roadside assistance service provides customers with extended coverage, quick response time, and economical pricing. No matter your emergency, we will dispatch a team of service providers and technicians to get you going again on your journey or to safety. We operate throughout the year and provide various plans for our customers. From fleet roadside assistance plans to individual ones, we have you covered the next time you are headed out on a journey.

Preparing for Emergency: Top 10 Items You Must Have in Your Car

Being well prepared for an emergency makes it easier to get through one. While service providers like us at Instant Car Repair Edmonton are always on standby, you, dear customer, must ensure that the following items are included in your ‘car emergency kit.’

High Energy Food: Maintaining your composure and being alert and active when you find yourself stranded away from home is important. We recommend you keep a few energy bars or granola bars in your car. They are non-perishable and compact; they also work the best when you are hungry and in the middle of nowhere.

Drinking water:  If you are travelling in your car, it is good to have access to plenty of water in your vehicle. Staying hydrated cools the body down and helps make good logical decisions. Depending on the number of people you plan to take in your car, 3-7 gallons of water is ideal.

Charger: Let’s face it, we live in the digital age, and even emergency services are best accessed through smartphones. Always keep a spare charger in your car to keep your phone on as you travel.

Medkit: A medkit is always handy to handle cuts, bruises and slight burns. Plastic gloves, bandages, cotton bales, sterile eyewash, a pair of scissors and sanitizers are some everyday items in your car’s medkit.

Blanket: If you are travelling in the colder months of the year, a blanket can help you stay safe and cozy in times of emergency. 

Flashlights: If you are stranded long, you must prepare for the night if help hasn’t arrived yet. Always keep a flashlight with extra batteries in your car. 

Ice Scraper: As the winter months approach, we all begin to see many ice-related conundrums. An ice scraper helps you deal with car-related situations, such as struck car handles and frozen wipers.

Jumper Cables: A handy jumper cable is your quickest ticket out of a roadside breakdown. You need another car driver to help you out, and you can save yourself from waiting for emergency services to arrive with a jumper cable in your emergency kit.

Compass: In the rare event of you having to walk away from your car, stranded by the roadside, a compass can come in handy to help you find help close by. 

Fire Extinguisher: A few car divers keep a fire extinguisher in their car. Keeping a medium-sized can save you or anyone else around you from a serious incident.

Stress Free And Easy Towing In Minutes

Friendly assistance that transports your vehicle safely and swiftly. Our service executives make flat tire change, refuelling and towing easy and stress-free. Our towing services achieve high satisfaction by a less resolution time. No matter where you are, we assure you we will reach you in minutes.

We Are Your Roadside Assistance

Crisis doesn’t see day and time. They may arise anywhere and in any form a breakdown or an accident.  We tow everything from cars to industrial vehicles. We offer flatbed towing services, free scrap car removal, private impounds, and recovery services as well. Our services also include providing crane and 75-ton rotator services.

Reach out to us to learn more about our towing services in Edmonton.